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Our little book on parecon in pdf format. This is an introduction to parecon in book format. If you print it out double sided and staple it in the middle, it should form a little book that introduces parecon in depth. Not as in depth as a big book, but more in depth than a one page leaflet. The pages do not appaer to be in logical order, but will be in proper order for a little book. I couldn't figure out how to do this in microsoft Word without cutting and pasting each page, it was very time consuming.

The little book in word format on parecon. The same as above, except that you can edit it, once you do, you will lose all the cutting and pasting I did and it will no longer print out as a nice little book.

The little book in word format with no columns on parecon. The same as above, except that you can edit it, and it has no columns, just one page at a time. YOU CAN ALSO ACTUALLY READ THIS ONE STRAIGHT THROUGH WITHOUT CONFUSION< BUT YOU CAN'T DO THAT WITH THE ONES ABOVE. So you can edit the pamphlet alot, put it into two column format, fiddle with it to make it look right, then cut a nd paste each page into a format that will print out like a littel book. I wish I knew how to make Word do this... (sigh)

Our leaflet.

Our presentation. (microsoft poweropint)

An example poster.

A bunch of parecon images from the book "Looking Forward" (zipped).